Solar Hot Water Cylinders

With global warming on the rise, solar heating has quickly become a favourable option for renewable energy. Solar power technology includes solar hot water cylinders - a highly energy-efficient and environmentally conscious form of water heating. High-performance solar water cylinders save costs in the long-term with low power usage. 


Solar Water Cylinders

Plumbing Plus has a selection of solar hot water cylinders for sale. With sizes varying from 250 litres to 420 litres, we pride ourselves in finding the best solar water cylinders to fit your requirements. We’ll be able to equip even the busiest of households. 

Our solar water cylinders come with a 10-year warranty. Each cylinder undergoes a rigorous manufacturing process. This ensures your solar hot water cylinders meet industry standards. We offer leading brands, like Rheem and Peter Cocks, whose products have been trusted in New Zealand homes for decades.


Rheem Solar Storage

Rheem is known for its top-of-the-line water heating technology. Their solar water heater storage tanks can be used in conjunction with both electric and gas systems.


Solar-Ready Hot Water Cylinders

Using the latest technology, our solar-ready hot water cylinders allow for effortless installation. Our solar-ready solutions also enable the option of connecting to solar collectors. Shop our range of solar hot water cylinders, electric hot water cylinders and gas hot water cylinders at Plumbing Plus today.