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Bathroom Shelves

Plumbing Plus offers ways to add storage to your bathroom without compromising on style. There are plenty of ways to achieve extra storage space, but bathroom shelves are the simplest, providing an easy way to make a bathroom look tidier.

Our leading range of bathroom products for sale includes chic bathroom shelves available in all shapes and sizes. Whether your bathroom needs storage for one person or seven, finding storage solutions is enjoyable and easy at Plumbing Plus

Try our shower shelves if your shower needs a sophisticated storage system. Store light objects like soap and sponges in a shallow basket. These can be attached to your shower wall, or added to a rail alongside several other baskets. Choose a 2-tier hanging basket if you have a range of pieces to store.


Glass Shower Shelves

Glass shower shelves can make a bathroom look sleek and modern. We offer a variety of glass shower shelves, designed to fit all your storage needs. Select a single shelf if you’d like to keep your shower minimalist, or pick a double if you need the extra storage. Easily attached to the wall, these shelves are easy to match with glass shower doors for a stylish contemporary look.

Try our floating glass shower shelves to add an elegant touch to your space. Floating glass shower shelves appear to be effortlessly attached to the wall. This renders them exceptionally stylish and low-maintenance. Attached with a strong adhesive, these shelves will last for years to come.


Bathroom Wall Shelves

If space is at a premium in your bathroom, shelves can be a great choice. Use our stylish, compact bathroom wall shelving to organise your washing products, cleaning tools, and more. Our entire range of shelves are built with high-quality materials to keep your bathroom tidy. They offer a way to store all the essentials without taking up unnecessary space. Place an understated EasyNiche Aura over your bath, or try a Dorf Villa glass shelf next to your bathroom vanity.

For more storage solutions, be sure to check out our bathroom cabinets and storage furniture pages, or visit your local Plumbing Plus store.