Aquamox Tile-Over Shower Base - Wedge Board

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$135.00 inc GST


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The Aquamox tile over wedge board is pre sloped to one end which provides a quick and cost effective alternative to the traditional screed methods of tiled shower base when creating fall.

Time Saver

Installing an Aquamox shower tray can be done in 10-15 minutes. After allowing 30 minutes of adhesive curing time you will be ready to waterproof. This is in comparison to a screed method which takes 48 hours alone just to set.


The Aquamox product is very easy to customise to your space. Using a Stanley knife or saw, Aquamox shower bases can be trimmed to line up to the exact position of your existing waste location using our many standard sheet sizes.


With a high density foam core, Aquamox pieces are very lightweight and easy to install. This product comes in smaller sheet sizes for wall linings meaning it is easily carted around building sites.

Product Dimensions

TOB-G 1000mm 1500mm 35mm 9mm
TOB-F 1000mm 1200mm 50mm 30mm
TOB-M 1200mm 500mm 45mm 35mm
TOB-L 1800mm 200mm 20mm 56mm
TOB-K 1000mm 1000mm 20mm 9mm